This is the Thrive Theme by Snug Designs! We are here to provide bold and unique themes for your business to match. Our themes are beautifully branded and also perfectly functional to help your business succeed and evolve.

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Who Are We?

Snug Designs is made up of Holly & Cat, a developer and designer duo who are passionate about online business, building beautiful websites and big, bold colour! We work together to bring these themes to you so you can get a gorgeous website without big time and money investments.

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What Does Snug Mean?

Snug has a double meaning for us. First, it means made to fit. Although themes are, by nature, for the masses and available to lots of people, we have made them so you can make your website absolutely unique and made for your business. Second, it means comfortable. Not only are the themes fab looking, they are also very easy to use to make them comfortably fit into your business.

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Of course I love the themes – I built them!
– Holly Pryce
Snug themes are absolutely beautiful. I should know!
– Cat Byrne